Web Design

It's not about stand-out design...

It's about making yoU stand out

Great design serves the brand, product or message, not itself.

While we're all in favour for savvy, stunning, funky, memorable designs – your brand, product or information should be the focus point. It's not about remembering something cool on your website - it's about remembering you.

The 2 Dimensions of Website Design

At J!BT we consider 2 distinct but complementary aspects of web design: graphical & architectural.

1. Graphical Design is about look and feel.

It's about making you look good, professional, cutting-edge, sexy, sassy, arty, creative, mainstream, successful - whatever best reflects who you are or who are becoming.

2. Architectural Design is about funnelling your visitors

It's about structuring the site and individual pages so visitors can easily find what they are looking for. It's also about guiding your visitors to the endpoint - whether that be a purchase page, a contact form or sign up.