We can teach you Joomla! or Trouble-shoot / Consult on Joomla! for you. We have over 10 years' experience in tertiary undergraduate, & postgraduate teaching & over 4 years' experience specifically in Joomla! training.

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Joomla! Training

  • We can teach you to maintain your Joomla! site - everything from editing pages & uploading files to moving modules around & turning them on & off, as well as managing users
  • We can teach you everything you need to know to build a Joomla! site - including installation & modification of templates, modules & components, we will also recommend some of our favourite tried & true addons...
  • All our training & courses are provided by a tutor who is both an experienced teacher as well as Joomla expert - Audra Barclay is our trainer. She has written & taught courses for both university & continuing professional development, with well over 10 years' teaching experience. Audra has built Joomla websites for over 8 years  -  Audra was the first Joomla! Guru on EE.

We do training on-site, or at our north shore offices in Sydney. We teach individuals or small groups. We also provide remote training by phone & online support - via email, skype, etc.

Joomla! Tips & Tricks

We have previously been putting together a repository of Joomla! tips on sticky topics & answers to questions that were are frequently asked. Click here for Joomla! Tips

Wondering how to change the order of the items in your newsflash? It default's to most recent item... or does it?

Mod_syndicate will create an rss feed for you in a snap, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind...

You changed to a different database in your Joomla! backend and now your site "can't connect to database"

Still having trouble with embedding flash in joomla 1.5 - it may be a permissions problem - easily fixed....